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Your Journey, Our Expertise: Selling with Northover & Williamson

When it’s time to part ways with your cherished property, we understand the gravity of your decision. Your home isn’t just a place; it’s an investment, a haven, and a vessel of memories. Our commitment to excellence is unwavering, ensuring you receive the utmost dedication, privacy, and personal integrity throughout the process. Our approach to selling homes is grounded in fairness and transparency, a cornerstone of our success. Rest assured, our valuations are rooted in market insight and experience – no inflated figures here. Our aim is simple: to secure the best possible price for your beloved home.

Discover Your Property’s Worth:


First things first… make that call! Book a FREE market appraisal with us to find out what your property is worth.


What we offer:

Honest Valuation: An accurate assessment of your property’s value.

Custom Marketing Strategy: A tailored approach to attract the right buyers.

Presentation Expertise: Guidance to highlight your property’s best aspects.


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Getting Ready for Effective Marketing:


As you embark on your property-selling journey, we’ll initiate the process of compiling essential elements for an impactful marketing campaign. This entails:


  • Taking Room Measurements: to provide representation of your property’s spaces.
  • Detailed Floor Plans: Visualizing your property’s layout for prospective buyers.
  • Captivating Photography: Showcasing your property’s best angles to captivate interest.
  • Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) Preparation: Fulfilling the legal requirement while providing transparency to buyers.
  • Social Media Spotlight: Elevating your property through targeted promotions across our platforms.


Showcasing Your Property: Let the Marketing Begin!


This phase typically encompasses:


  • In-depth Team Briefing: Ensuring our team is well-versed in showcasing your property’s unique features.
  • Multi-Platform Exposure: Showcasing your property on our website, Rightmove, On the Market, and various other platforms.
  • Client Connections: Tailoring our property matches and extending invitations to our clients through emails and phone calls.
  • Social Media Showtime: Sharing your property’s details across our vibrant social media channels.


Welcoming Property Viewings: Your Home on Display!


As your property makes its debut, viewing demand often peaks. Anticipate a call before each viewing to coordinate.


Post-viewing, we’ll promptly provide an update along with feedback from the potential buyer, ensuring you’re well-informed.

Expertly Negotiating Your Sale:


Trust us to validate offers received from buyers, by ensuring financial readiness and assessing their property chain situation.


Once an offer has been officially accepted, we set the wheels in motion for solicitors to begin the conveyancing process. If you’re in need of a solicitor, we can help! We can request for some quotes to be sent to you.

Advancing the Journey: Progressing Your Property Sale!


Your solicitor will send out a Draft Contract pack and, then, reply to any enquiries raised by the buyers solicitor.


We contact all parties on a regular basis, to make sure that the sale is kept on track.
Our aim is to keep the process as smooth and stress free as possible.



Sealing the Deal: Contract Exchange!


When all elements are aligned, a mutual moving date will be established by both solicitors, and then confirmed with all parties. Following this, the buyer will be prompted to submit their deposit, officially exchanging contracts.


This signifies a crucial step towards your move, allowing you to start organising and notifying essential utility providers accordingly.

Closing the Chapter: Completion Day and Key Handover!


On completion day, it’s important to have a set of keys prepared to be handed over to us or your solicitor.


As soon as the solicitors confirm the receipt of all necessary funds, we will be notified to release the keys to the buyer, marking the culmination of the process.

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