BONFIRE NIGHT – Northover Williamson


Today is November the 4th, which means tomorrow is… BONFIRE NIGHT! 💥
The celebration commemorates the failure of the gunpowder plot; an attempt to blow up the House of Lords and assassinate King James I, in London back in 1605. As of the 20th century, Guy Fawkes Day lost much of its original focus and became a more enjoyable social commemoration, which is now widely celebrated.🌟
We hope that whether your watching from a window, at an event (or perhaps you are not at all) that you have a safe and joyful one! 😆
Please be mindful that for some, this is not a joyous occasion. It can leave some members of the public and our furry friends 🐾 feeling anxious and distressed! (Remember to check in on those that could possibly be affected📲)

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